Project Book Shelf

Hello principals and teachers! Our team is working to build an in-home reading movement we call Project Book Shelf, and we want to invite you to join in and share your perspective on why this can be difficult to encourage in classrooms.

Our mission, aside from ensuring that kids are empowered to read and build their skills outside of class time, is to advocate for educators and help them get the support they need to succeed in their absolutely essential profession.

Here’s how it works:

Watch the video below, then (or) simply take this survey that allows you to explain whether in-home reading is a priority in your classroom, any barriers you’ve come across, and any solutions you’ve developed.


Our goal here is to gain valuable insight on how educators across the country view and approach this in-home reading conundrum so that it can be better mitigated. We hope to one day connect and support a network of teachers, principals and school leaders who are working hard at this and coming up with fabulous solutions every day.

Thanks for your incredibly precious time!


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