Our Vision

We work with schools and programs to provide an opportunity for kids to read a book at home, every night for fun.
But, you won’t only hear about our effort to Deliver Infinite Book Shelves (DIBS) to kids all across the Omaha community: 

  • Through this blog we will share our logic for why this program is attempting to cut to the heart of many of the social issues and challenges our public schools face. And why teachers are not ideally positioned to take these things on themselves.
  • We will also share just why we see so much promise in the 515 families that we have the pleasure of serving. And how with merely a little support we see parents serving as the catalyst for dramatic school improvement.

Oh, and you’re going to hear about Omaha. Lots about Omaha. Like how we believe this community is uniquely poised to do things nationally-significant within our public schools…

Historically significant.

Welcome to DIBS.


David Orrick
Founder, DIBS for Kids
The former first grade teacher who just talks a lot. 

Kylie Gumpert
Growth Engineer, DIBS for Kids
The quieter force who actually makes this all happen. 

There are some things that we try stick to:

  1. We are not here to “school” anyone (funny, right?).
  2. We aim for our topics to be sincere without polarizing groups.
  3. Our focus is on kids first, then adults.
  4. We believe there is an incredibly simple way to make a hugely significant difference in the education and life of kids, and it’s books.


Visit www.dibsforkids.org to learn more.

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